Vehicle Safety Solutions

  • Collision Avoidance Camera Systems

  • In-Vehicle Video & Data Recording

  • Driver Behavior Modification


Vehicle and site worker safety is incredibly important on mining, quarry, and construction sites.  The sheer size and weight of vehicles and mobile plant equipment pose a very real danger to site workers if safety measures and precautions are not met.  Visibility is often limited due to blind spots around machines and this is often made worse by rugged environments, poor weather, and low light conditions.


Refuse truck operators face numerous amounts of obstacles on their routes.  Whether it’s backing down the alley or watching out for pedestrians and parked cars, operators need a dependable vision solution. In addition to these risks, operating in extreme environments further complicates fleet managements search for a reliable solution.

Fire and Rescue

Given the nature of their work, fire fighters and rescue personnel face many hazardous obstacles and getting to and from the scene should not be one of them. Speed and timing is of utmost importance and can be jeopardized by limited visability, and easily identifying previously hidden areas around these vehicles allows for better performance.

Towing and Reposession

Towing & Repossession can put drivers in some of the most dangerous and difficult operating conditions on the road. Mobile vision systems allow operators to easily observe previously hidden areas surrounding their equipment. Increasing efficiency, avoiding accidents, and capturing video evidence of on the job are proven ways companies can separate themselves from their competition.

Bus / Transit / Taxi

Everyday Bus, Transit, and Taxi drivers face obstacles when driving and exchanging information with their passengers. Whether it’s changing lanes, heavy traffic at an airport terminal, or a passenger event, the importance of mobile vision security is now at its highest level.

Backup & Blind Spot Cam Systems

Backup Cameras are on their way to becoming standard options on commercial vehicles.  Many trucks now utilize multi-camera solutions enhancing safety on the job while allowing vehicle operators to more efficiently acomplish the task at hand


Extreme / Heavy / Commercial

Everything we do is fully modular so with our product lineup, we can build 3 tiers of camera systems – COMMERCIAL / HEAVY / EXTREME.  As you go up the ranks the systems become more rugged, feature rich, and have longer warranties. 


Dash Cams & Mobile DVR's

Gear up with one of our mobile DVRs to identify unsafe, inefficient driving and improve performance of your fleet. Rugged and dependable giving you the ability to capture 360° of protection for every vehicle in your fleet.


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