Video & Drive Recorders

OP DRX 2008 Ruggedized 8 Channel Mobile DVR
  • DRX2008-8 A/V Inputs
  • H.264 Video /JPEG       Compression
  • Multi Storage Support
  • 8 Trigger/Alarm Inputs
  • Tamperproof Locking Feature w/key
  • Easily downloadable recordings and data
  • 320GB HDD Included
  • RS-232, USB, LAN support
  • Most Advanced Mobile DVR System on market today
  • Designed for commercial bus, HD truck, tow, police,  or other transit application
  • Built to withstand harsh conditions, shock, vibration, and variable temperatures
  • Multi Storage Support - Removable and lockable 2.5” HDD Storage (up to 1 TB) , SSD (up to 160GB) & USB support - all with key locking tamper proof case
  • Full Video Recording, Trigger/Event Recording, Motion Sensor recording
  • Built In GPS & 3-Axis G shock sensor records map location, route, g-sensor graph, and speed data (Google Map Support)
  • Quick and easy playback  and event search with upgraded viewing software
  • Compact in size (1 Din) and lightweight (1.1kg) for efficient installation
  • Free power input DC 8Volts ~ 36Volts protected from damaging power fluctuation
  • Extremely low power consumption to keep battery safe (lower than 10W)
  • Record Resolution: NTSC 720x480, 720x240, 360x240
  • Record Speed: NTSC: 60fps(720x480), 120fps(720x240)
  • Compatible with all Optimo camera system components
  • Compatible with 3G & Wi-Fi networks for real time information transfer
  DASH CAM DVR SYSTEM + Cloud Fleet Management System (FMS)
  • Cloud Based Fleet Management System
  • Embedded ROAD and DRIVER Facing Cameras
  • Built in GPS, G-Force, & Accelerometer
  • Live GPS Tracking & Real-Time Video/Data Transmission (Cloud)
  • Up to 128GB SD Storage
  • Verizon Wireless Partner


  • Cloud Based Dash Camera System for Fleet Management/Driver Behavior Modification
  • Embedded Road & Driver view cameras, w/optional 3rd camera input (backup, etc) 
  • GPS location, Speed, G-Force, and Accelerometer captures accompanying driving data
  • Using the Verizon network, customizable event data is transferred real-time to the cloud providing fleet managers a transparent view into their operations
  • Real Time GPS Location Tracking via Google Maps
  • Designed to reduce operating expenses and improve driving behavior
  • Driver scoring system to accurately assess performance and facilitate coaching
  • Secure cloud access to Fleet Management Software (FMS) 
  • Tamper Proof Locked Solid State Memory Storage - 2 x SD Card (128GB Max)
  • Multiple Recording Modes - Full Video Recording or Trigger/Event Recording
  • Easily mounts to windshield with rugged/compact design that allows for unobstructed driver view and requires no vehicle modification
  • Can also be used as a stand-alone solution with provided PC Playback Software