About Us

Optimo Electronics is an industry leader for providing and designing safety solutions for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.

We provide a full range of complementary in-vehicle safety solutions for commercial and extreme environments. Optimo Electronics' equipment is exclusively designed to assist fleet managers with everyday transportation challenges.

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Extreme Performance

We subject our systems to rigorous testing and our equipment has demonstrated the ability to provide reliable performance in real-world situations and under extreme conditions.

Why Optimo

It is our aim to help fleet managers, manufacturers, and independent operators with solutions for enhanced safety.
Our devices and systems can be adapted to complement any vehicle and we design systems that can work on the road and in extreme environments.

With Optimo Electronics, you get video-based safety solutions that will allow operators to perform with confidence, give fleet managers peace of mind, and protect the safety of employees, pedestrians, and passengers. These safety systems can integrate easily with a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles and they are easy to use.

Our systems have been shown to improve performance, productivity, and safety for buses, garbage trucks, emergency vehicles, construction equipment, and more. 

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Our Products

We deliver video-based driver safety technology to improve productivity and performance across all transportation industries. Our multi-tiered solutions are designed to give drivers more confidence, fleet managers more comfort, and ultimately make our roads safer. Our experience and passion has allowed us to become a trusted industry partner.

We implement solutions to enhance driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety, increase operating efficiency, and lead to significant cost savings. We have rigorously tested our product line and show unparalleled performance and reliability in the most rugged conditions.

Our involvement in the design & manufacturing process allows us to modify solutions specific to customer needs. We are committed to creating a long term partnership and exceeding your expectations. Please contact a sales rep today and begin exploring the opportunities with Optimo Electronics.

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