Pupil and Mass Transit

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Pupil and Mass Transit Challenges

Providing transportation comes with serious responsibilities. Whether you are talking about a school bus, a coach, a shuttle bus or rail transport, managers and operators have an obligation to protect the safety of passengers, employees and any other person who may encounter these vehicles.

At Optimo Electronics, we understand the challenges facing transportation providers. These vehicles are usually large and difficult to maneuver. Due to the size of the vehicles and the position of the operators, many of them also have significant blind spots. Along with that, you may have to manage a large fleet while maintaining transportation schedules to meet the needs of the people you serve.

When you go with Optimo Electronics, you get advanced safety systems that are designed to meet the demands of the transportation industry. We have reverse camera systems and blind-spot cameras that can help your operators avoid hazards and protect passengers. We also have systems for ultrasonic reverse sonar and mobile DVR/cloud management systems to improve safety while also making your fleet more efficient.

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Optimo Electronics offers complete safety solutions for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.

Complete solutions

Optimo Electronics offers complete safety solutions for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.

Made from high-quality Korean components, these camera systems offer one of the most dependable solutions for viewing blind spots.

Protect against reverse collisions with a system that automatically detects objects behind the vehicle and sends active alerts to the driver.

Around View Monitoring (AVM) systems stitch four camera feeds together to provide operators with a complete view of the vehicle.

Mobile Digital Video Recording Systems

Our modular DVR systems are meant to work in vehicles that operate under tough conditions and it can support up to 8 HD camera feeds.

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