Towing and Recovery

Feature-rich safety solutions for towing and recovery vehicles

Towing and Recovery Challenges

Towing and recovery operations face a multitude of risks and challenges. These large vehicles have blind spots that can present a risk to drivers and other motorists. Drivers may also have to operate with a vehicle being towed behind the truck. In addition to these risks on the road, tow truck drivers often find that they need to recover vehicles that are parked in awkward positions (such as ditches) or down narrow streets and alleys.

With safety systems from Optimo Electronics, you can improve safety in towing and recovery vehicles and reduce the risk of liability. Products like rearview cameras and backup sensors can make it easier to reverse down roads or into tight spaces. Blind-spot cameras can expand the vision and awareness of the driver to prevent accidents on the road. Mobile DVR systems can be used to record and preserve evidence in the event of a claim.

Optimo Electronics is one of the leading names for commercial vehicle safety systems. We use some of the most advanced equipment available and we test everything to make sure our safety systems deliver reliable performance under tough conditions.

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Optimo Electronics offers complete safety solutions for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.

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Optimo Electronics offers complete safety solutions for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.

Made from high-quality Korean components, these camera systems offer one of the most dependable solutions for viewing blind spots.

Protect against reverse collisions with a system that automatically detects objects behind the vehicle and sends active alerts to the driver.

Around View Monitoring (AVM) systems stitch four camera feeds together to provide operators with a complete view of the vehicle.

Mobile Digital Video Recording Systems

Our modular DVR systems are meant to work in vehicles that operate under tough conditions and it can support up to 8 HD camera feeds.

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